About theProject


  • Communication Strategy and Implementation
  • Social Media Strategy, Implementation and Training
  • Concept Design and Visual Identity
  • Graphic Design and Layout
  • Website Design and Development in English and Arabic
  • Editing of 12 videos with added animation and musical score
  • Dynamic Infographics English and Arabic
  • PowerPoint Template Design in English and Arabic
  • Report Templates in English and Arabic
  • Editing of 15 reports in English
  • Layout of 19 reports in English
  • Word Templates
  • Newsletter in English and Arabic
  • Brochure in English and Arabic
  • Redesign of Event Materials in English and Arabic


Brand/Visual Identity, Brochure Design,, Communication Strategy, Concept Design, Event Materials, Factsheets, Flyers & Briefs, Graphic Design, Illustration, Infographics, Animated Infographics, Layout, Multilanguage Products, Newsletter, Online Reports, Photo Research, PowerPoint Design, Report Design, SDGs, Social Media Templates, Social Media Strategy, Social Media Kit, Typesetting, Video Editing, Animated Videos, Visual Media Production, Web Graphics & Banners, Mobile Applications, Responsive & Interactive Web Design, Website Design, Website Development and Word Template Design.


In 2019, Phoenix Design Aid was contracted by UNDP Kuwait to work closely with the Kuwait General Secretariat of the Supreme Council for Planning and Development to assist in the branding and promotion of a “Kuwait Public Policy Centre,” a specialized evidence-based policy development platform that supports development planning and acts as a roadmap to achieving Kuwait’s “2035 Vision” in light of its pledge to the UN 2030 Agenda. The Advocacy, Outreach and Communications Strategy that Phoenix Design Aid developed for them is integrally linked to the overall framework of the KPPC mandate and is seen as a vital component in its efficacy.  It is based on an understanding of advocacy and communication that focuses on citizen participation/empowerment and policy influence rather than on conventional uses of communication as mere methods of information dissemination. It is focused on KPPC’s efforts to understand and engage key audiences to create, strengthen or preserve conditions favorable for the advancement of KPPC interests, policies and objectives through the use of coordinated programmes, plans, themes, messages and products synchronized with actions of the Kuwaiti Ministry of Planning.

In addition to leading the development of the Advocacy, Outreach and Communications Strategy, Phoenix Design Aid developed a synergistic communications toolkit of products and services to execute and implement said strategy, starting with the design of an appropriate branding strategy, and the development of a Social Media Strategy and Guidelines. This was followed by:

  • The design and development of a full website in Arabic and English
  • The design development of a series of social media platforms in Arabic and English and their subsequent launch
  • The design and development of brochures, reports and other printed material in Arabic and English
  • The design of static and animated infographics in Arabic and English
  • Editing of reports
  • The redesign of event materials in Arabic and English
  • The editing and formatting of videos from archived lecture series and placement in branded YouTube channel
  • Training in strategic communication
  • Training in the effective and strategic use of social media