UNDP and African Union – The State of Social Assistance in Africa

UNDP African Union Reports Infographics Summary Report English French

About theProject


Print report and summary in English and French, infographics, stage designs and powerpoint presentation for the launch.


Concept design, cover illustration, photo research, design of infographics, publication layout, artwork and typesetting in English and French.


The State of Social Assistance in Africa report maps and analyzes the recent growth of social assistance and makes a case for strengthening the national architecture for social assistance in Africa, as a pathway to the reduction of vulnerability and poverty while also promoting social inclusion.

The visual concept for this report is a clean, yet colorful and welcoming design that integrate the set of carefully selected photos in a seamless transition between photo, chapters and text. The recurrence of full page fitted infographics is offering the reader space and composure to study the data of the key findings. The template for the country profiles was created with an aim to have a navigable and comparable overview of the findings across the countries.