UNDP – “Invest4Climate” series

Graphic Design & Layout UNDP Publication Climate 

About theProject


A series of four publications.


Design, layout, artwork, copy-editing, printing and delivery.


Phoenix Design Aid has provided design and copy-editing for a series of publications under the theme “Invest4Cliamte” which is a knowledge series, consisting of four publications, that aim to expend private investment in climate action through financial innovation and collaborative partnerships.

Our publication services cover, among other things, the design of the four publications, Thus, it was important to show the coherence to the overall theme “Invest4Cliamte” and thus enable the reader to see that the publications belong to a series while, at the same time, also demonstrate that each publication is able to stand on its own. The focal point for our publication services is to provide the reader with an enhanced perspective of the particular topic for each publication. Moreover, this particular case, we also did photo research to find the pictures that fit best possible with the theme.

Besides the design of the publication, Phoenix Design Aid also copy-edited the “Invest4Climate” series with an eye toward harmonizing the tone, style and approach of diverse reports so that they would “speak” with a unified voice. Unity amplifies their message, one that details the gravity of climate-related problems while also offering hope by explaining specific, innovative ideas for tackling those issues. Our editing services covers different levels of involvement over developmental editing, substantive/technical editing to mechanical editing and can differ depending on the needs of the client, wherefore we for this particular case also helped the client with guidance how to create a reference list that meet the style guide requirements.