UNDP Panama – Estrategia Nacional de Biodiversidad y Plan de Acción 2018 – 2050

Graphic Design & Layout UNDP Panama Strategy Spanish

About theProject


National Strategy, 134 pages.


The services included design of a National Biodiversity Strategy for Panama – focusing on visualization solutions, graphic design and layout.


As a part of the commemoration of the International Day for Biological Diversity (on 22 May), Panama officially presented the National Biodiversity Strategy – a roadmap for conservation and sustainable use of natural resources in the country. Panama is one of the countries in regions with an enormous variety of ecosystems and habitats in the world.

The strategy details a range of actions for Panama to achieve and reverses the impacts on its biodiversity and ecosystems by 2050.

We provided UNDP with graphic design and layout of the national strategy named “Estrategia Nacional de Biodiversidad y Plan de Acción 2018 – 2050” which contains 134 content pages.