UNIDO – Gender Video #SheIs

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About theProject


Campaign video.


Art direction, video editing, subtitling and selection of raw material and statements.


Phoenix Design Aid has produced a campaign video for UNIDO. The video was created to be used for a campaign on the International Women’s Day 2021 (celebration date on 8 March 2021) for both UNIDO and the Gender Focal Points of the Vienna based International Organizations.

The video showcases multiple employees from United Nations organizations in Vienna who were asked to share a note about the women leaders who inspire them. The video recording by the employees are based on guidelines by Phoenix Design Aid and resulted in various personnel announcement statements that are highlighted during the video and selected by Phoenix Design Aid. Thus, the campaign video acts under the hashtag #SheIs to highlight what a woman leader is.

Watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o65d3hWU4tU