WHO – Human Biomonitoring Video

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About theProject


Animated video.


Concept, script consultancy, visual concept, storyboard, illustration, animation, music and sound design, editing as well as casting and production of voice over in English.


Phoenix Design Aid produced an animated video to support an educational course on human biomonitoring hosted and created by the World Health Organization (WHO).

The objective of the video was to educate and inform health professionals and medical students of upper grades of on toxicokinetic and toxicodynamic which are chemicals entering, absorption, distribution, transformation and elimination from a human body.

Overall, animation videos and explainers are powerful tools that can be utilized across various purposes to inform, educate and engage audiences effectively. Examples of the purposes we have developed videos for include videos to screen at conferences as a supplement to enhance a presentation, for websites to promote new tools and to explain complex concepts and others to attract attention on social media platforms.