World Food Programme Jordan – Nutrition awareness campaign

Graphic Design & Layout Infographics & Illustrations Campaign Children Health

About theProject


Roll-up and infographics.


Graphic design, infographics and illustration.


The World Food Programme (WFP) runs a General Food Assistance (GFA) programme, undertaking a number of activities and helping millions of people with in-kind food assistance, commodity vouchers, cash assistance, nutrition, food security and much more.

In 2023, Phoenix Design Aid had the pleasure of designing a variety of campaign assets to WFP Jordan for a nutrition awareness campaign targeting camps and the community.

We designed a roll-up and a number of infographics as well as a plate design. Each infographic visually presents the aim of the campaign which is to advocate for good nutrition of children under two years. It was vital to create a simple and informative design to ensure that the target groups easily understood the messages. Most of the illustrations on the infographics are customized and drawn from scratch, as it was important to accommodate the data visualization to fit the culture of the target groups – this included, for example, visualization of appropriate food accessible in camps.