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Website (inclusive framework for a new Policy Support Gateway).


Information Architecture, concept & design (UI & UX), Drupal Upgrade from Drupal 7.x to 8.x (most stable release) and Drupal development (using PHP frameworks).


The Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) is an independent intergovernmental body, established by member States in 2012. It provides policymakers with objective scientific assessments about the state of knowledge regarding the planet’s biodiversity, ecosystems and the benefits they provide to people, as well as the tools and methods to protect and sustainably use these vital natural assets.

In April 2019, IBBEIS were seeking the services for a talented web UI/UX development company to design new/improve Drupal themes for the existing IPBES website homepage and the Policy Support Gateway subpage (including specific design on other subpages ensuring all material and information is cohesive and complementary). The objective was to improve user experience and increase engagement with users through an attractive and user-friendly user interface.

To enable the Secretariat, experts, multidisciplinary expert panel (MEP), governments and general public to access assesments, resources, policy guidelines or other scientific information related to biodiversity and ecosystems, Phoenix Design Aid has developed a Drupal 8.x (most stable release) website with tailored content and user permissions. Beyond the re-design/build of the IPBES website, Phoenix Design Aid has also designed and developed the framework for the new Policy Support Gateway which operate as resources repository for the Secretariat, MEP and bureau members.