About theProject


Technical reports.


Concept design, graphic design and layout, illustration and infographics.


As a part of a framework contract, Phoenix Design Aid provides graphic design services to the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA). Phoenix Design Aid’s primary focus lies in producing captivating graphic designs for the dissemination of technical reports on the transition to renewable energy.

A noteworthy example of the work is a three-volume report on global hydrogen trade. In tackling this project, Phoenix Design Aid’s team of designers was keen on creating a series of designs that would resonate with a detail-oriented and knowledgeable audience. The aim was to offer clear and concise infographics when presenting in-depth forecasts, intricate technological aspects and the market potential surrounding hydrogen.

Phoenix Design Aid takes great pride in its commitment to delivering visually appealing and informative designs that effectively communicate complex information about renewable energy. Phoenix Design Aid’s collaboration with IRENA ensures that vital insights reach a broader audience, ultimately contributing to a more sustainable future.