About theProject


Specific products delivered such as report, website, booklets, umbrellas, etc.


  • Brand/Visual Identity
  • Brochure Design
  • Communication Strategy
  • Concept Design
  • Event Materials
  • Factsheets, Flyers & Briefs
  • Graphic Design
  • Illustration
  • Still and animated Infographics
  • Animated Infographics
  • Layout
  • Logo Design
  • Map Design
  • Multilanguage Products
  • Newsletter
  • PowerPoint Design
  • Report Design
  • Social Media Strategy, Design & Management
  • Animated Videos & Explainers
  • Responsive & Interactive Web Design
  • Microsite Design & Development
  • Word Template Design


The MOUSTADAMA programme is a four-year program that runs until 2023, aiming to boost competitiveness in the industrial sector in Palestine by applying sustainable energy solutions and through promotion.

Phoenix Design Aid was assigned by UNIDO Palestine to create the program’s communication strategy with key messaging, an action plan, a social media strategy as well as content in both English and Arabic.

In close collaboration with UNIDO, a team made up of communication and industrial development experts, project managers and creatives conducted extensive research of the MOUSTADAMA programme and its background, the region’s industrial sector, key stakeholders, target audience and objectives. The research output was used in the development of a thorough long-term and short-term strategy with key messages and a visual identity which are applied across all media and communication materials both in print and online.

Upon the development of the visual identity, the Phoenix Design Aid and UNIDO teams collaborated closely to produce assets for social media and public relations activities, a website, two animated videos introducing the programme as well as many other designed materials. Some of these include a brochure, event materials, infographics, PowerPoint template, media and report templates, design and layout. This was complemented by the development of content that will be shared across media materials (press releases, an Op-Ed and a newsletter) with a strong emphasis on the information contained from the main website.

Phoenix Design Aid was also responsible for establishing UNIDO’s social media presence and content. Phoenix Design Aid established all social media management platforms and processes, provided the client with an editorial calendar and visual assets and trained the client to move forward independently. All visual assets are tied to the project objectives and reflect the communication strategy to ensure the catalyzation of a new UNIDO initiative that would lead to real sustainable energy solutions for Palestine.

In essence, a substantial and integrated presence was established across all media outlets for the MOUSTADAMA Programme, ensuring the catalyzation of a new UNIDO initiative that would lead to real sustainable energy solutions for Palestine.