World Food Programme – UAS/Drones Regional Strategy and Initiatives Report

Graphic Design & Layout Concept Design Reports Editing & Translation

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Creative concept, reports and two pagers.


Creative concept development, graphic design, layout, editing in Spanish and translation to English.


In recent years, the use of drones and unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) has been developed in various countries in the Latin America and the Caribbean region. An area that the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) seeks to the develop, as a part of its constant work to develop important technological inclusion activities. In that regard, the WFP had to define its current regional UAS/drone strategy.

Phoenix Design Aid had the pleasure of helping the WFP with the design of their UAS/drone strategy document. To begin with, we developed a creative concept that is applied to two reports, a strategy UAS/drones document for 2023-2024 in Latin America and a drone initiatives report 2022.

The two reports are designed in the same theme which follows the outlines from the creative concept. Phoenix Design Aid also edited both reports in Spanish and translated them to English. Each report is also accompanied by a two-pager that we also designed in both languages. The main focus of the design was to highlight the work of the different WFP teams by using big photos. The vibrant colors through the publications are representative of the region. In addition, Phoenix Design Aid did the research and photography selection for the three publications.