CIEPS – Pioneers of Science Photography


About theProject


Portrait photographs.


On-site photography, production, photo editing and light retouching.


“Pioneers of Science” is a biographical research project that arises from the need to make visible and recognize Panamanian women scientists and their contributions to the development of science in the country. Phoenix Design Aid has produced the design of a publication and storybook that collects the names of the first Panamanian scientists, their personal stories, their contributions, as well as the difficulties they faced being the first in their various branches. Please see the publication case and read more about the Pioneers of Science project here.

Alongside the publication and storybook, Phoenix Design Aid was assigned to capture the portrait of 14 stablished Panamanian scientists in their work field in Panama. The main goal was to provide the scientists with professional and high-quality photographs for them to use in professional matters, such as personal or institutional websites, interviews or other promotional needs.

For this service, the Phoenix Design Aid team coordinated the agenda with each scientist and the permits in their workplace that extended within Panama City and other provinces of Panama.