The Nordic Investment Bank – a visual identity development project

Nordic Investment Bank Concept Design & Visual Identity Brand identity Design manual

About theProject


Corporate identity design manual.


Brand creation, Concept design, Manual layout, Finalisation for web and printing.

Background and scope of work

Having put great effort into clarifying its mission, strategy and values over the course of 2013, The Nordic Investment Bank (NIB) called for Phoenix Design Aid’s assistance in the development of a full brand identity. In close collaboration with NIB and Kontrapunkt, and drawing upon vast experience within creative conceptualisation and design, the process was initiated with the development of the Bank’s visual identity. Bearing in mind the objective to create an attractive and consistent appearance, elements were singled out on the basis of their ability to encourage the correct associations of the Bank, strengthen the NIB brand and support its mandate and values. The result is a modern, dignified and stylish visual identity.

In close collaboration with Ehrhorn Hummerston, Phoenix Design Aid subsequently compiled a visual design guide, containing rules and guidelines for NIB and its external business partners on how to implement the visual identity in practice. The design guide links all visual and graphic elements, and describes the use of colours, fonts, logos, images and typography for both online and offline communication purposes. Incorporating illustrated examples and taking all design and audience needs into consideration, the design guide is intended to offer refinement of a strongly established brand, ensure visual clarity and promote consistent use of the newly developed visual identity.

Services offered

Providing consulting services and competent input, Phoenix Design Aid and Bo Linnemann, founder of Kontrapunkt, worked closely with NIB throughout the development process. All parties participated in a workshop, which granted both Phoenix Design Aid and Kontrapunkt the opportunity to examine and potentially challenge NIB’s starting point, propose alternative options where applicable, and extend recommendations in terms of visual/graphic matters. Upon completion of the visual identity project, the Nordic Investment Bank is hoping to achieve:

  • added business value
  • correlation between NIB’s strategic direction and its subsequent visual translation
  • a professional appearance throughout the organisation
  • visual clarity and consistent use of all graphic elements
  • more simple correspondence procedures on visual and graphic issues.

The Nordic Investment Bank (NIB) is the international financial institution of the Nordic and Baltic countries, established in 1975. The Bank provides long-term financing to projects that strengthen competitiveness and enhance the environment, thus complementing commercial lending to help ensure sustainable growth.