About theProject




Concept design, visual identity, graphic design, layout, audiovisual production, art direction of campaigns, content generation and voiceover in English, Russian, Ukrainian, Romanian and Romani.


The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) supported the Government of Moldova in the provision of response to the humanitarian crisis occurring in Ukraine.

Phoenix Design Aid supported UNHCR Moldovia in the development of two campaigns. The first campaign was oriented towards informing about the Temporary Protection status activation by the government of Moldova, while the second campaign aimed to inform about how to access the free services provided.  Both campaigns were produced simultaneously.

The art direction included the creative concepts, key visuals and messages of both campaigns.

Phoenix Design Aid designed all social media postcards and printed pieces for various uses such as flyers, posters, infographics and brochures. Moreover, we developed all the content of the postcards for the Free Services campaign. Every piece, whether in printed or digital form, was adjusted to the necessary languages, including English, Russian, Ukrainian and Romanian.

The project also included the production of three 2D animated videos for the Temporary Protection campaign and two for the Free Services campaign. All videos were produced in English, Russian, Ukrainian, Romanian and Romani, including voiceovers from native speakers and subtitles in each language and adapted for both television and social media distribution.